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Boundless Vision

Challenging boundaries is the norm at Shiva Texyarn Limited, a multifaceted textile company with a strong focus on Technical textiles and Value added Products. We operate in a range of segments from Yarn and fabric to fully confected Textile solutions, both in our Brand name as well as for esteemed clients across the world.

Our Mission

To manufacture international quality yarn and fabric, with the highest level of competitiveness on all parameters, effectively harness and integrate all available technology across various elements of the textile chain and cater to product innovation by mastering value added areas like processing and finishing.

Our Certification

The Company's various divisions are certified by various international organizations for its quality management practices and safety standards.

Our Certificates includes:-

  • Five S (Workspace Management System).
  • Oeko - Tex 100 Certification.
  • WRAP Certification.
  • Affiliation Certification (Textile Sector Skill Council).

Managing Directors Message

There comes a time when a company has to define how it sees itself and the identity it wants the world to see. This is the most fundamental and important aspect of anorganization, far more important than what line of business we are in or what infrastructure and other strengths we possess. For, what you Visualize and aspire to is what you will become. At we see ourselves as Innovators, constantly creating and evolving, providing solutions not easily available in the market, predominantly in the Textile domain.

We are differentiated from others not only in the level of value addition we do but also in the uniqueness of our products. In many of our ranges we are either the First or only manufacturer of that goods in India. We do this by following robust value systems, touching every area we work in with the highest level of Sincerity and Integrity, celebrating and nurturing the talent and spirit of the people who make up our company. We Dream and make other's dreams come true.

Shiva Texyarn Limited Brochure

Boundless Vision, Boundless Competence.

Our History


Commenced business as a Non Banking Financial Company in the year


Went Public in the year


Spinning Mills Unit I at Dindigul started in the year


Windmill Division at Munduvelampatti started in the year


Finance business and spinning division merged in the year


Lamination Division at Karanampettai started in the year


Spinning mills unit II at Karanampettai started in the year


Garment Division at Karanampettai started in the year


Knitting Division at Karanampettai started in the year


Processing division at Sipcot, Perundurai started in the year


Technical Textile Division at Ganeshapuram started in the year


Coating Division at Ganesapuram started in the year


Bag Division at Karanampettai started in the year


Garment Division II (NBC) at Karanampettai started in the year


Garment Division III at Karanampettai started in the year

Meet Our Management Team

Sri S V Alagappan
Sri S V Alagappan

Sri. S V Alagappan, aged 82 years is the Managing Director and Promoter of our Company. He is a qualified law graduate and has experience in the field of textile for more than two decades.

Sri Dr S K Sundararaman
Sri Dr S K Sundararaman
Managing Director

Sri. S K Sundararaman, is an MBA from the Judge Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge University, UK. He has wide experience in the field of textile industry especially technical textiles.

Board of Directors

Sri S V Kandasami Director
Smt S Sujana Abirami Director
Sri S Marusamy Director
Sri A Dhananjayan Director
Sri D Satish Krishnan Director
Smt. V Bhuvaneshwari Director
Sri Jayaram Govindarajayan Director

Shiva Texyarn Limited

  • Address: Sri Vari Kikani Center, 3A, 3rd Floor, Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Road, R.S. Puram, , Coimbatore-641002
  • Phone: +91 (422) 254-4955
  • Fax: +91 (422) 254-4755
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Email:[email protected]

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